I was ex-spelled from the program 2 modules away from graduation due to a verbal dispute with an instructor that was not my fault, me and this instructor have not been able to get along from the day i started yet i manage to stay out her way my grades were exceptional and my conduct was appropriate when approached with respect and as an adult, my complaint is i am responsible for a tuition and didn't get to finish my program due to favoritism over staff and ultimate feel as though i was pushed out my education. Prior to this i was ex-spelled for trying to stop an argument that almost became physical between two students and because i was there and i believe because of my background and were i am from was placed on strict probation and then less than a month later ex-spelled in definite .

I am reaching

out to different people govern Christie , the board of education and even spoke to a lawyer regarding this and the lawyer said i have a case yet it would cost me allot. Please contact me i would like to further explain my side of the situation and fight for my completion of this program and if not reinstatement make sure everyone gets a fair chance to be educated and respected as human beings. As far the instructors they really aren't teaching to much most of us read our books to understand material that should be explain in lecture but personal conversations override classroom conversation.

My name is Latonya Sinclair i attended the brick campus in new jersey. Please contact me.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #963364

That school is so unprofessional they have MA instructors teaching dialysis, mind you the instructor can't even pronounce dialyzer and don't even know what it is nor what it does. I wish I could sue them for my money and my time they wasted.

Plus the time we sat there and did nothing but watch movies in class all day. Like Contagion, what the *** does that have to do with Dialysis?

Abington, Pennsylvania, United States #701400

Go to a community college, your grants will cover the full cost of tuition. You will also earn a real associates degree.

Admissions Rep.

Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #700558

I remember you! My entire class from Brick is highly upset with the service


I want to start off by saying that I am sorry that we have BOTH experienced poor services by Star. I just got finished filing another complaint with the Attorney Gerneral regarding that school.

I went for Cardiology Technician program in June 2011 and with I did some research before enrolling. We need more people who weren't satisfied complaining as well so that they are shut down.

I wish you the best of luck with your process and hope someone will understand our struggle. Although at the end of the day, WE are the ones stuck with the debt

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