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The teachers are awful. I thought highschool was bad.

This place is worse. The teachers favor i actually had to withdrawl. I went from an 80 to a 51 in a matter of maybe 2 weeks. It was great.

The teacher would joke around and add a "test" just to make the grades go down when some one missed a day jokingly but the day i was absent it was not a joke. .

i knew i was failing but still went to class until the final graded day she gave us home work and didnt even bother to give me one and put a grade in for me. This place is a joke.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #947332

Well professionalism is a large part of your grade and if your not there you get a 0. You can make up 1 test but it's up to you to ask for the test and or homework/class work.

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