look I dont have anything personel against the people that work there but

my class was not prepared well at all to take the NCCT. The study notes had nothing to do with what was on the test some of my class mates said they went to quizlet.com to get information.

It did not help me.

When in talk to other people that was on extern with me that went to Sanford Brown or Athem they were brought in on friday to study for the test. No not at Star they have a three day weekend Monday through Thursday

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #946951

There is NCCT prep in Philadelphia campus two Fridays per month. Plus I go online every other day or so myself and take the practice tests. Sometimes you have to have ambition yourself.

to Anonymous Iselin, New Jersey, United States #947162

Philly is pretty far from Brick.


Please call Campus President, Dennis Mascali so we can assist you at 732-901-9710. We currently have NCCT test prep classes running and would be happy for you to join the classes if you feel you are in need or additional preparation.

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